Deep Tech Founders Will Change The World

War, politics & news distract the human race from the reality of our existence.

The reality of the situation is that we all inhabit a huge rock that we call Earth, orbiting a huge explosion of energy hotter than anything we could ever imagine. We are hurtling through an infinite space that we call a Universe at incredible speeds.

Therefore it's essential that we all work together look after our Earth, Spaceship Earth.

At WEBOAF, we believe the best way to look after the Earth is with technology.

In the 20th Century, technological advancements changed the face of the Earth. The discovery of penicillin cured bacterial illnesses. The invention of the computer led to the most efficient knowledge transfer system humanity has ever seen. Renewable energy has led us to taking huge steps towards becoming a sustainable civilisation.

As a result, life expectancy has doubled. Extreme poverty has fallen from 80% to 10%. Literacy rates have increased from 25% to 85%. The human race has never been stronger.

Despite this great steps. Humanity still suffers from huge problems. Global warming, pandemics, the mental health crisis, war, broken education systems & toxic social media algorithms. Whilst some may think all the best ideas have come and gone. We think quite the opposite, the best ideas are yet to come.

We are currently seeing the rise of several hugely exciting areas of science and technology. New ground is constantly being broken in fields like psychedelics, space travel, brain-computer interfaces, quantum computing, AI, nuclear energy & robotics.

So the next question is. How do we turn these ideas from science in to reality? 

The best founders in the world need funding.

However, the Venture Capital industry largely favours SaaS companies with simple problem statements, short iterative development cycles & well proven business models.

Deep tech founders have to overcome the challenges of selling complicated new technology, convincing investors to part with their money for long durations & complicated regulations to overcome.

WEBOAF exists to arm deep tech founders with contagious stories that spread whilst they sleep. We use the internet to help our founders find their tribe of early adopters who will champion their technology.

As a result, our founders are free to focus on their biggest challenge:

Commercialising science.