Stories that spread, win.


Helping frontier founders create the future

WEBOAF is the storytelling design studio of Ollie Allen Fox and his trusted collaborators. We provide storytelling, design & growth services for deep tech startups.

We've worked with world leading teams solving huge societal problems. Their investors include Y Combinator, Naval Ravikant and Marc Andreessen.


Deep tech is an uphill battle.

Finding product market fit & scaling are challenges all founders face. Deep tech founders also have to navigate IP conflicts, regulations & multiyear product development cycles. It's critical for founders to nail their narrative so they can raise capital and weather these storms.

Deep tech founders have one advantage over their dull counterparts: their product story has the potential to be so enthralling that it spreads while they sleep.

Founders with stories that proliferate while they sleep have a competitive advantage.


Introducing The WEBOAF Service Stack

We started as a design company, but through trial and error we realized that deep tech startup growth requires a more holistic systems thinking approach. Ideas that spread, win.

The benefit of our full stack service is that each stage compounds the progress of the previous stage, allowing us to deliver more value with less work. However, we do meet clients wherever they are in their journey.

1. Story  

We write stories that simplify frontier tech for all audiences and create contagious ideas that spread themselves.

2. Design

We design branding, pitch decks, websites and social media to communicate startups' stories that show your company should be trusted

3. Growth 

We create valuable content to build a community that the company can leverage. Placing you as thought leaders and asserting strength.


Our Latest Work

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Mindstate Design Labs

YC-backed psychedelic biotech that raised $11.5M to design altered states of consciousness for mental health treatment.

Enosis Therapeutics

Australian VR startup designing virtual environments for mental health therapies

Atreon Capital

Miami crypto hedge fund

Empath Ventures

LA based Venture Capital firm investing in the next generation of mental health treatments

OSCO Studios

London based video production agency shooting videos for luxury brands including Bugatti

Ollie Allen Fox Brick By Brick
Ollie on the Brick by Brick Podcast

Founder Bio

Ollie Allen Fox is the Founder of WEBOAF, a leading creative agency for deep tech startups. He is the host of Brick By Brick, a podcast about self actualisation and deep tech businesses.

Ollie holds a First Class BEng in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the University of Warwick.

After graduating he spent a year in Consulting at IBM where he worked on technology strategy for FTSE 100 companies. At IBM he also worked as part of an elite team of creatives writing stories for $100M + bids.

Ollie is a proponent of Spaceship Earth. Through WEBOAF and Brick By Brick, Ollie hopes to raise the bar of what we believe is possible. 

In his spare time, Ollie is a DJ & avid runner.


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We want to work with founders building deep tech solutions to societal problems.

Our ideal founder is:

• Solving a huge societal problem
• Leading a world-class team
• Serving a $1B+ market

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