Inspiring & informing on new technology

WEBOAF is the freelance creative studio of Ollie Allen Fox. We use design & storytelling to provide a competitive advantage to founders taking new technology to market.

Our Work

Together with my trusted collaborators, I've worked with companies backed by Y Combinator, Initialized Capital & Naval. Together, we've raised millions of dollars using the power of design & storytelling.

About Me

I've been working with deep tech clients for 2 years to help them raise millions of dollars. I've been fortunate to learn from top founders backed by leading global VC firms.

I host the Brick By Brick podcast where I speak to people I'm curious about. I've learnt how to ask the right questions to uncover a story. My network from my podcast also means I can provide warm VC intro's to my clients where appropriate.

I previously worked at IBM where I wrote stories for $100M bids. I graduated with a First Class Bachelors in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the University of Warwick.