Our Work

Together with my trusted collaborators we've worked with companies backed by Y Combinator, Initialized Capital & Naval to help them raise millions of dollars.


A London startup creating a better way to build data & AI products

Mindstate Design Labs

YC-backed psychedelic biotech that raised $11.5M to design altered states of consciousness for mental health treatment. Investors include Empath Ventures, Initialized Capital & Naval Ravikant

Tandava Retreats

Tandava Retreats is a 5-MeO-DMT retreat centre nestled in the heart of Tepotzlan. They offer their visitors access to transformational mental health journeys.

Atreon Capital

Atreon Capital is a cryptocurrency hedge fund based in Miami

Empath Ventures

LA based Venture Capital firm investing in the next generation of mental health treatments. LP's include Marc Andreessen, Chris Dixon & Ryan Hoover.

Also Capital

Also Capital is a venture fund investing at the people stage

2A Biosciences

A US BioTech startup harnessing the serotonin system to fight inflammatory diseases. 2A have a star studded team of psychedelic researchers.

Enosis Therapeutics

Australian VR startup designing virtual environments for mental health therapies

KSI Solar